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After numerous bottlings that had been matured in ex-bourbon casks and/or Oloroso sherry casks, Kilchoman introduced a new type of cask at the beginning of 2014 with the first PX Finish Single cask releases. Pedro Ximénez sherry casks are often used in the whisky industry for finishing, as they not only give the maturing distillate more complexity and depth, but also fruity-sweet notes. PX full maturations, on the other hand, are rather rare; the risk of the PX sherry cask dominating the character of the distillate too much is even greater here than with Oloroso sherry casks, for example.

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To date, almost 100 PX finish single cask bottlings have been released, making Pedro Ximénez finishings by far the most common finishing variant used by Kilchoman.

In contrast, Kilchoman has rarely brought PX full maturations onto the market. Surprisingly, the majority of the 20 PX single cask bottlings released to date are 100% Islay whiskies, while the finishes were based on Port Ellen malt peated at 50 ppm, with one or two exceptions. The fact that Kilchoman has matured its slightly less peated product variant more frequently in PX casks is somewhat surprising at first, as one would assume that the risk of a PX sherry flavour dominance is even greater here than with the whiskies peated at 50 ppm. However, as the bottlings show, Kilchoman has succeeded impressively in achieving very balanced whiskies. On the one hand, this is certainly due to the fact that they were generally bottled at an age of around 5 years, while on the other hand, the 100% Islay distillate was able to hold its own surprisingly well against the Pedro Ximénez sherry cask.


The first PX Sherry Cask Matured Limited Edition, i.e. the first major Kilchoman PX release, only appeared in 2021. Contrary to what its name suggests, the bottling, which was first released on 5 May 2021 with a run of 12,000 bottles, is not a pure PX sherry cask maturation, but a vatting of 9 PX casks and 24 PX finishes with a finishing period of 12 to 18 months. According to Anthony Will, the exclusive use of PX full maturation would otherwise have dominated the Kilchoman distillery character too much. The blend of approximately 2/3 finish and 1/3 PX casks, all with a phenol content of 50 ppm, would then have produced the desired balance of maritime peat smoke notes, citrus and fruit flavours and a pronounced honey sweetness.

“Pedro Ximénez casks aren’t always the easiest to work with. That was why we decided on a combination of full maturation and finishing, to balance the distinct PX influence with that of our spirit. I’m delighted with the result; big and bold but with a delightful poise and balance of flavour,”Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder & MD


Kilchoman released another PX Sherry Cask Matured Limited Edition in October 2023. This time, however, it was a pure PX full maturation. Anthony Wills and Robin Bignal selected a total of 61 PX sherry casks with an age of at least 5 years. In order to achieve a balanced whisky without PX sherry dominance, fairly young casks were selected for the release.

The 2023 PX Sherry Cask Matured release is our first limited edition to be fully matured in PX casks. Some might consider five years to be a short maturation, but these PX hogsheads give such a rich and sweet character, shorter maturation is the only option to maintain a good balance of flavour. Here, the citrus sweetness and peat smoke of our spirit balance beautifully with the PX character to create a multi-dimensional whisky, rich and sweet with hints of light citrus sweetness and waves of maritime peat smoke.” Anthony Wills, Kilchoman Founder & MD


Within the Small Batch Series for selected markets, the concept of which is to illustrate the influence of different “experimental” cask types on Kilchoman whisky, nine bottlings with Pedro Ximénez sherry cask content have been released worldwide to date.


PX Sherry cask bottlings from Kilchoman (selection):

For reasons of clarity, only the PX full maturations and the bottlings with PX content in the Small Batch Series for selected markets are listed here. Please refer to the Kilchomania database for the countless PX finishings.

ReleaseCask No.Cask FilledBottledMaturation
PX Sherry Cask Matured 2021 Edition2013 & 201504/2021Full maturation / Finish
PX Sherry Cask Matured 2023 Edition201808/2023Full maturation
PX-Single Cask Releases (Port Ellen Malt)
PX Sherry Single Cask (Uniquely Islay Series – An t-Earrach 2022, #8/10)310/201520.05.201501.03.2022Full maturation: 6 years
PX Matured Single Cask – ImpEx Cask Evolution 02/2022915/201426.11.201402.03.2022Full maturation: 7 years
Pedro Ximénez Sherry Cask for The W Club314/201520.05.201510.12.2022Full maturation: 7 years
PX Matured Single Cask for SMCC – Ice Racing585/201512.08.201520.11.2023Full maturation: 8 years
PX-Single Cask Releases (100% Islay)
100% Islay PX Sherry Matured Single Cask for 25th anniversary of Heiner´s Duty Free Shop324/201527.05.201530.03.2020Full maturation: 4 years
319/201527.05.201527.05.2020Full maturation: 5 years
100% Islay PX Sherry Cask (The Wills Family Cask Collection: James Wills)317/201527.05.201528.08.2020Full maturation: 5 years
100% Islay PX Sherry Cask for The Nectar318/201527.05.201501.09.2020Full maturation: 5 years
100% Islay PX Matured Single Cask for Taiwan Twin Lions Society and Or Sileis320/201527.05.201504.06.2020Full maturation: 5 years
100% Islay PX Cask for Craft Cellars (Calgary)322/201527.05.201510.07.2020Full maturation: 5 years
100% Islay PX Matured Single Cask for Sobeys Liquor, Canada327/201527.05.201509.10.2020Full maturation: 5 years
100% Islay PX Matured Single Cask for 2020 Taoyuan Whisky Taste321/201527.05.201504.06.2020Full maturation: 5 years
100% Islay Pedro Ximénez Cask for The MS Society, 2021 Whisky Fest (Whisky Drop, Whisky Club Canada)323/201527.05.201525.02.2021Full maturation: 5 years
328/201527.05.201520.04.2021Full maturation: 5 years
100% Islay PX Sherry Single Cask for Warehouse Liquor325/201527.05.201527.05.2021Full maturation: 6 years
100% Islay PX Matured Single Cask for Aberdeen Whisky Shop316/201527.05.201526.06.2021Full maturation: 6 years
100% Islay PX Sherry Single Cask for Exec´s Whiskey Club and El Cerrito Liquor329/201527.05.201521.07.2021Full maturation: 6 years
100% Islay PX Sherry Single Cask for Bar Selene – The 30th Anniversary326/201527.05.201530.08.2021Full maturation: 6 years
[100% Islay] PX Sherry Cask for The New Whisky Order / Pitch Travis Williams / AWC Pick773/201507.10.201522.11.2021Full maturation: 6 years
100% Islay PX Single Cask – Uniquely Islay Series – An Geamhradh 2022 (#5/5)330/201527.05.201512.12.2022Full maturation: 7 years
Small Batch Releases for selected markets
Netherlands Small Batch No. 1 – 85% Bourbon / 5% Oloroso Sherry / 10 PX27.06.2019
Taiwan Small Batch No. 1 – 85% Bourbon / 5% Oloroso Sherry / 10% PX11/2019
UK Small Batch No. 2 – 70% Bourbon / 10% Oloroso Sherry / 20% PX06.08.2020
Genesis Harvest – Stage 1 – 70% Bourbon / 10% Oloroso Sherry / 20% PX (100% Islay)24.09.2020
Taiwan Small Batch No. 2 – 75% Bourbon / 5% Oloroso Sherry / 20% PX2020
Belgium Small Batch No. 2 – 70% Bourbon / 5% Oloroso Sherry / 25% PX17.03.2021
USA Small Batch No. 6 – 70% Bourbon / 5% Oloroso Sherry / 25% PX07.05.2021
Triple Cask Matured Small Batch for Whisky.de – 75% Bourbon / 5% Oloroso Sherry / 20% PX29.06.2022
Sweden Small Batch No. 3 – 75% Bourbon / 5% Oloroso Sherry / 20% PX Sherry21.09.2022
Pedro Ximénez Small Batch Bottled in collaboration with Land Rover – Bourbon / PX26.04.2023


PX Sherry Cask – kilchomania.com (2024)


What is the difference between sherry cask and sherry seasoned cask? ›

The big difference between the old transport casks and the modern seasoned sherry casks is the type of sherry. Mature, ready-for-bottling sherry would've been inside the transport casks. The sherry used to season modern casks is relatively young, and often distilled into brandy or used to make sherry vinegar.

Is sherry cask whiskey good? ›

Some sherry cask whisky can also have dark chocolate, coffee, and even leather notes. The finish can be long and warming with a distinct sherry influence. Overall, the flavour profile of sherry cask whisky is complex and layered, making it a favourite among whisky fans.

What does PX cask mean? ›

The PX stands for Pedro Ximenez and describes naturally very sweet dessert wines. Here's more about PX Sherry and how it comes into play and affects a PX sherry cask finish bourbon...

What does ex sherry cask mean? ›

The definition is simple- an ex-sherry cask was previously full of sherry, then emptied and filled with whisky.

Why is sherry cask more expensive? ›

These casks are still treated with sherry, but are not used in the maturation of bottled sherry. Ultimately this imposes a scarcity on the availability of sherry casks, meaning that they are far rarer. In fact, a sherry cask costs ten times more than a bourbon cask, even before it has been filled with liquid.

Is Glenfiddich a sherry cask? ›

Glenfiddich Special Edition Sherry Cask Finish single malt Scotch whisky matured for 12 years in American and European Oak Sherry casks before finishing in Amontillado casks adding lively notes of dried fruits and a delicately spicy finish.

Is Glenfiddich 15 a sherry cask? ›

Our Solera Fifteen is aged in European oak sherry casks and new oak casks, the whisky is mellowed in our unique Solera Vat, a large oak tun inspired by the sherry bodegas of Spain and Portugal. Never emptied, and kept half full of whiskies since 1998.

Does Jameson use sherry casks? ›

After distillation, the pot still and grain spirit – both at an ABV of 63.4% – is put into both sherry and bourbon oak barrels and stored in Jameson's warehouses.

What is sherry cask called? ›

Unlike whisky, sherry maturation is not focused on extracting flavour from the casks, and as such solera casks are almost always old, with little flavour left to give. They're not new when they are added, and if a cask is ever removed from a solera, it's almost certainly due it being broken or leaky.

Why is PX sherry sweet? ›


Pedro Ximénez is obtained from the overly ripe grapes of the same name which are dried in the sun to obtain a must with an exceptionally high concentration of sugar.

What does PX sherry taste like? ›

Classic Pedro Ximénez will display aromas and flavours of raisins, dates and dried figs, often combined with a spicy note and chocolate. The best examples not only display intense, ultra-sweet aromas but also balancing drier flavours of coffee, liquorice and spices.

What is the difference between oloroso and PX sherry? ›

While Oloroso is dry, Pedro Ximénez (often referred to as simply 'PX') is a sticky-sweet style of wine with notes of raisin, dates and candied fruits.

What is the most expensive sherry? ›

Massandra's Sherry de la Frontera 1775 or Massandra Sherry 1775 holds the world record for the most expensive Sherry bottle and was sold for $43,500 at a 2001 Sotheby's London auction.

Why is sherry so good? ›

It's a relatively heavy cropper, producing large bunches of pale green grapes, which are harvested at a potential alcohol level of 11–12.5 degrees. The resulting base wines are crisp with a neutral character. It's the production process that transforms these into the compelling, diverse wines that sherry is known for.

Does sherry get better with age? ›

Sherry wine therefore reaches its optimal point for consumption at the moment it is withdrawn from the butt. We should not expect it to improve inside the bottle and, in fact, once it has passed a certain time there we are able to detect a certain deterioration of some of the wine's organoleptic qualities.

What is sherry seasoning? ›

It is precisely these colouring and aromatising substances arising from the combination of oak and Sherry which make Sherry Casks unique; the noblest possible container for the subsequent ageing of the finest quality spirits like Brandy de Jerez or Scotch Whisky.

What are the different types of sherry drink? ›

Sherry is a complex category of wine that encompasses seven different styles. These are manzanilla, fino, amontillado, oloroso, palo cortado, cream and Pedro Ximénez.

What is the difference between sherry cask and bourbon cask? ›

Sherry casks add a richer sweetness with dried fruit notes including raisins. These flavour differences are principally due to the species of oak, with Bourbon barrels made from American oak (Quercus alba) while Sherry casks are European oak (Quercus robur).

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