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Transfer Students - Iowa State University (1)

Improve your chance to improve the world

Ready to continue your educational journey? Embark on an Iowa State education. From your first step on campus, you'll be surrounded by world-renowned professors, resume-building opportunities, and state-of-the-art facilities designed to help you achieve your dreams.

At Iowa State, you'll benefit from a special transfer orientation and new student programs, allowing you to seamlessly continue your studies while meeting new people along the way.

A transfer center dedicated to you

The Transfer Center offers an extra level of support as you make Iowa State your new home. We can help with navigating campus, making connections, and finding resources. Stop by on your campus visit; you can find us in Room 12 of Enrollment Services Center.

  • Transfer Students - Iowa State University (2)

    Academic excellence

    Iowa State recognizes and supports the academic success of transfer students through Phi Theta Kappa scholarship opportunities and through our own Iowa State chapter of the Tau Sigma National Honor Society – the first in our state! Continue your journey of academic excellence in a community of hard working, high-achieving transfer students at Iowa State!

    Helpful links

    • Transfer credit
    • Course equivalency guides
    • Credit by exam
    • Transfer plans
    • Transferology
    • Office of Student Financial Aid

    Next steps

    Request transcripts from each college you have attended. Official transcripts are preferred and can be submitted to Unofficial transcripts can be used to review your application and they can be uploaded through your application account.

    Submit theFree Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Iowa State's code number is 001869.

    Transfer students should complete the FAFSA between October 1 and February 29.


    With Iowa State's OneApp scholarship portal, students can submit scholarship applications in one system. The Office of Student Financial Aid, academic colleges and departments, and other campus units use the information available in OneApp to select scholarship recipients. The OneApp scholarship deadline is March 5.

    The Office of Admissions also offers scholarships for qualified students who are offered admission by March 1.

    Office of Student Financial Aid

    Learn about living options inresidence halls, university apartments, andfraternities and sororities; the priority system for assigning university housing; and the advantages of accepting your offer of admission as early as possible. To reserve space in university residence halls or apartments, you will need to submit a university housing contract after you accept your offer of admission.

    • If you have accepted your offer of admission, paid your acceptance fee, and decided you want to live in university residence halls or apartments, you can complete your housing contract online. This contract does not apply to sororities, fraternities, or off-campus (non-university) housing.

    Complete your housing contract

    Iowa State has a rolling admissions policy. The transfer application is open up to one year prior to entry term. Transfer students are encouraged to apply at least six months prior to their desired entry term.

    Summer and fall entry

    • The FAFSA priority date is February 29. Make sure to indicate Iowa State on your current year using school code 001869.
    • The OneApp scholarship priority deadline is March 5. Other scholarship deadlines vary by department or academic college.
    • May 1 is the acceptance fee refund date.
    • Orientation and class registration will be held on various dates April through August. Invitations will be sent starting in February.

    Spring 2024 entry

    • The FAFSA priority date is February 29*. Make sure to indicate Iowa State on your current year using school code 001869.
    • November 1 is the acceptance fee refund date.
    • Orientation and class registration will be held on various dates November through January. Invitations will be sent starting in October.

    *Most scholarships and institutional aid are granted on an academic year cycle, meaning you must meet fall entry deadlines to be eligible. Students who file after the priority deadlines mentioned above will still be considered for financial aid based on remaining available funds.

    Meet the team

    Our transfer team is dedicated to assisting students with navigating transfer admission timelines, understanding the next steps, and addressing any questions that arise. We're here to support you!

    • Transfer Students - Iowa State University (3)

      Cassidy Conway

      Transfer admissions counselor

      Cassidy assists students from all over Iowa (excluding DMACC).

      Email Cassidy

    • Transfer Students - Iowa State University (4)

      Kat Klingseis

      Transfer admissions counselor

      Kat spends much of her time in Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, and Kansas. She also assists all out-of-state transfer students.

      Email Kat

    • Transfer Students - Iowa State University (5)

      Katie Mott

      Strategic partnerships specialist

      Katie works with all students from DMACC and manages both the DMACC-ISU Connect program and the Admissions Partnership Program (APP).

      Email Katie

    Frequently asked questions

    You must have at least a 2.25 transferrable GPA and 24 transferrable credits. If you don't have at least 24 credits, we will also review your high school transcript to determine if our first-year entry requirements have been met.

    Transfer requirements

    First-year requirements

    In most cases, a student who has graduated from high school and then enrolled in college/university coursework – or joined the military – will be considered a transfer student at Iowa State.

    Taking college classes during high school and/or the summer immediately following high school does not classify you as a transfer student, regardless of how many credits have been completed. Student status (first-year or transfer) is based heavily on high school completion date and what has been done after high school.

    Our application is online and includes a $55 application fee. You will also need to send transcripts – you can upload in your Admissions MyAccount or send via email. Transcripts are required from all previously attended colleges before we can make a decision on your application. Transcripts can be unofficial for admission purposes, but we need your official transcripts prior to you attending orientation and registering for classes at Iowa State. For the school you’re currently attending, you will likely send us two transcripts: One when you apply for admission and one final transcript when you have completed all your courses there.


    Admissions MyAccount

    Email transcripts

    Iowa State has a rolling admissions policy, meaning we accept applications all year. However, students are able to apply a full year in advance of entry term and there are advantages to applying early. We recommend applying at least 7-9 months prior to a fall entry, and one year prior to a spring entry.

    The sooner you apply, the sooner you will be able to apply for scholarships (there are typically early spring deadlines), sign up for orientation (required to register for Iowa State courses), and contract for optional on-campus housing. The earlier you complete your housing contract, the more likely you will get your top preference for a housing assignment. We also have some financial aid deadlines to observe. You will need to apply and be offered admission before you can apply for scholarships.

    Department of Residence

    Office of Student Financial Aid

    TRANSIT will generate an unofficial transfer credit evaluation (TCE) for you. You just enter in all the courses you have completed, are currently taking, and/or plan to take and select your intended Iowa State major. The output will show you how those credits will transfer to Iowa State and are placed for that specific major.

    Once we receive your transcripts our review team will create your preliminary TCE. Your TCE will show how your credits will transfer to Iowa State. Your academic advisor, whom you will meet during orientation, will discuss with you how your credits will fulfill degree and graduation requirements within your major.

    Iowa State can apply to 65 credits from 2-year institutions to meet Iowa State degree and graduation requirements. There is no limit for credits coming from 4-year institutions.


    You can view four-year plans for our majors to see what courses are needed for each degree. You can compare your TRANSIT results to the four-year plan for your major

    Four-year plans


    You will work with your Iowa State academic advisor. You will meet with your academic advisor once you accept your offer and attend/complete orientation. Your academic advisor is your point person regarding graduation requirements and how your transfer credits will fulfill degree requirements.

    You can review transfer specific scholarships on our website and can apply for other scholarships on OneApp.

    Transfer scholarships

    OneApp scholarship portal

    Check out our OneApp scholarship portal to see if there are any scholarships available to you. You can only apply for scholarships in OneApp once you have been offered admission (you do not have to accept your offer of admission in order to apply for
    OneApp scholarships).

    OneApp deadlines will vary depending upon the scholarship or opportunity, so we encourage students to log in to OneApp early and often to ensure deadlines are met. Once submitted, students can still access and revise their applications until the scholarship close date.

    Additional financial aid may be available for students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Grants (free money similar to a scholarship, examples: Federal Pell Grant and ISU Grant) are provided to students based upon their individual results of the FAFSA. Iowa State will set a priority deadline each year, so it’s best to file the next academic year’s FAFSA and ensure Iowa State is listed as a school to receive as soon as possible after the FAFSA opens. Students will also be considered for federal loan options when they complete the FAFSA.

    OneAPP scholarship portal


    Review our financial aid website and explore cost of attendance, estimate your expenses, and more.

    Office of Student Financial Aid

    Review our on campus apartments and residence halls. Virtual tours and details are available, and prices are listed for each type.

    Living on-campus is not required for any Iowa State student.

    Department of Residence

    Come for a campus visit! We offer visits most weekdays throughout the year. Transfer students are always welcome on all visits; we also offer transfer student visit days that tailor specifically to transfer students.

    Campus visits

    Transfer Student Visit Days

    Virtual campus tour

    • Apply for admission
    • Determine what else is needed to complete your admissions application (under ‘View My Application’)
    • Upload documents and check if we have received/processed transcripts requested (under ‘View My Application’)
    • View Transfer Credit Evaluation (after being offered admission)
    • Link to Iowa State’s OneApp scholarship portal
    • Accept your offer of admission
    • Register for orientation (after accepting offer of admission)
    • View financial aid eligibility (when available)

    Community College Partners

    Schedule a visit! Transfer Center staff enjoy hosting academic and student affairs professionals from our partner institutions. Contact us to schedule your community college staff visit. We'll curate a visit specific to your group's interests. We are eager to share with you the opportunities we offer to your students.

    Community in the making

    The Transfer Center gives back to community colleges, supporting the 2023 inaugural 'Community Colleges for Iowa Convention and Trade Show' as a platinum sponsor.

    Transfer Students - Iowa State University (2024)
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