Tennessee Police Officer Scandal: Maegan Hall Leaked Video Viral On Twitter- Reddit Update - The Headline Hive (2024)

Viewers are keen on Tennessee Police Officer Scandal after five Tennessee Police officers were fired and three suspended for sexual misconduct.

Maegan Hall, with her husband Jedidiah, was fired from the La Vergne PD after a probe found she engaged in an affair with multiple officers.

NCB claims City officials launched an investigation on December 12, 2022, after a Police sergeant informed Cole that Megan was having intimate relationships with fellow officers, based on a report obtained by WSMV that lays out what is alleged to have happened in graphic detail.

Tennessee Police department was in turmoil earlier following allegations that at least five male officers had slept with a female officer both on and off the job.

On December 29, the La Vergne mayor approved the discipline decisions recommended by Police chief, city attorney, city administrator and assistant city administrator.

Tennessee Police Officer Scandal: What Did They Do?

Five Police officers in Tennessee were dismissed, and another three have been suspended without pay following an investigation into an s** scandal within the department.

Following the incident, the mayor of La Vergne, Jason Cole, disciplined the officers and requested the city mayor take immediate investigation and action against the individuals involved.

Tennessee Police Officer Scandal: Maegan Hall Leaked Video Viral On Twitter- Reddit Update - The Headline Hive (1)

Megan admitted having had relations with those officers and shared nude images with Holloday, Magliocco, McGowan and Schoeberl.

Following the incident, officers have been suspended without pay as officials in the Nashville suburb of La Vergne investigate the allegations against the 60-person Police department.

The investigation found officers who worked the second shift engaged in unreported sexual relationships, having s** on duty and city-owned property, and committing sexual harassment by sending explicit photos and videos.

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Maegan Hall Leaked Video Viral Update

Maegan Hall served as a former cop at the La Vergne Police Department.

The officer made headlines after being fired from her job for having affairs with at least six of her fellow Police officers.

As per the publication, Maegan grew up in rural Tennessee and harbored dreams of becoming an Actress.

In addition to her affairs, her colleagues allegedly expressed concerns over her heavy drinking and mental health issues.

Per a viral video, the former officer sent them nude pictures, took off her top at a “Girls Gone Wild”-themed hot tub Party, and performed sexual misconduct with two fellow officers while on duty.

Who Is Maegan Hall Husband?

Megan is married to Jedidiah, the former park ranger who had been training for a job with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Officers involved with her claimed Megan was in an open marriage. During a Party, her husband allegedly looked upset after he saw the former kissing officer Magliocco’s wife, Amy.

Daily Mail claims, Jedidiah and Maegan, were college sweethearts and tied the knot in November 2018.

Tennessee Police Officer Scandal: Maegan Hall Leaked Video Viral On Twitter- Reddit Update - The Headline Hive (2)

As per Daily Mail, she allegedly tried to involve her husband in her affairs, but the latter “wasn’t on board.” However, Jedidiah reportedly stood by Megan amid the ongoing controversy.

Jedidiah’s boss, Coffee County Sheriff Chad, Partinrevealed he attempted to salvage his marriage to a former officer despite her scandal.

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Maegan Hall Was In The Verge Of Getting Fired

Having come into the limelight after her sex scandals were publicized, Maegan Hall has certainly been a hot topic among the Tennessee police force. She was fired after the investigation, but the matter hasn’t calmed down.

In fact, new information and updates are being released about Maegan, including her past conduct and her time with the team. She was kicked out of the police force in December 2022.

However, her wild sex escapades were not the only thing that threatened Hall’s job. She was previously warned several times and was on her last warning, as per the new DailyMail post.

The former cop had previously crashed her patrol car, costing her bosses massive financial loss. As a matter of fact, within nine months of her joining, she first crashed her squad car in November 2021.

Tennessee Police Officer Scandal: Maegan Hall Leaked Video Viral On Twitter- Reddit Update - The Headline Hive (3)

The same thing continued in July and October 2022. Moreover, during her first crash, she was over-speeding and crashed her vehicle in the intersection. It also caused damage of $1,000.

The second time Ms. Hall collided her patrol car with another vehicle. It resulted in her getting a suspension for a day. Additionally, both vehicles had to be repaired, costing between $3K and $4K.

The final straw came after Maegan slammed her squad car into the path of another van on October 21, 2022. It was considered the most serious of the three events, and she earned a suspension for four days.

Considering her performances, Maegan Hall’s salary was increased from $39,624 to $53,069 a year. However, her constant traffic misconduct led her to a final warning and chances of termination if the same issue occurred within a year.

However, no one could have ever imagined that the lady cop’s misconduct went beyond crashing a few squad cars. Her colorful police career saw a brutal ending within two years of joining.

More On Maegan Hall – Was Her Pictures Leaked Too?

As already mentioned, the former Tennesse cop was fired after having intimate relationships with fellow co-workers. She was found to be doing so in hotels, at boozy parties, and on police property.

As per reports, Hall had intimate relationships with Sgt. Lewis Powell, Patrol Officer Juan Lugo, Detective Seneca Shields, and others. The officers who were fired were said to be some of her flings.

Maegan’s sexcapades came to light after her intimate sexual photos were released. She had shared her pictures with multiple officers who had then passed them around.

The pictures were then leaked online, and authorities soon learned about the matter. Following the investigation, all parties involved, including Hall, were stripped of their badge.

It must have been a terrible ordeal for Hall and other involved officers’ families. We also can’t neglect Maegan Hall’s husband, Jedidiah, who was trying to work out their marriage.

Maegan has tried to maintain a low profile following her firing.

Tennessee Police Officer Scandal: Maegan Hall Leaked Video Viral On Twitter- Reddit Update - The Headline Hive (2024)
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