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Mac Keyboard Shortcuts TIP

You can send an email without using your mouse or track pad. hit CNTRL + CMD + D (think D = DELIVER) Also CMD / CNTRL + R = Reply

To move a file from one Finder window to another instead of copying it, hold down the Command key and drag the file.

CMD+CNTRL & click on Finder - This will simultaneously launch the Finder and minimize all other windows on the desktop. CMD++ - This zooms in on Web pages, Photoshop, as well as other apps. The dreaded spinning Ferris-wheel of death? Get rid of it by pressing CMD+OPT+ESC

Now we are one step closer to being a power Mac User.

Why I made the jump and switched from Mac to PC

I was born a PC. Well not literally, as true AI is a ways off, but I have been for the past 3 decades a PC user. And an avid one at that. From the time I saw my first computer on a 1978 IBM Desktop to getting my first Pac Bell Desktop running Windows 3.I, I grew up thinking Apple was the "odd man out". And an even odder looking looking OS. Culminating to the point where as recently as two years ago, I referred to Apple users as misguided fan boys that payed way too much money for hardware and an unpopular OS. I would think, why would anyone pay twice as much for a machine that runs an OS that only 9% of the world uses?

Then one day I got a new job. The company used Macs. After about 2 days, I saw the light. After bugging my co-workers, I learned all the keyboard shortcuts, got a crash course in OSX features: Finder, multiple desktops, the superior Screen Grab Utility, refreshed my UNIX skills, and after a month I went to the nearest Apple store and made the admittedly expensive monetary investment and made the switch from Windows PC to Apple Mac. It has now been over a year since the conversion and I see no reason or desire to ever go back to a PC.

I'm amazed by how solid and intuitive the end user experience is on my 15" Retina Macbook Pro, my stunning 27" Thunderbolt Display, and my new iPhone 5s. I love the quality of the hardware and the intuitiveness of the software. As such I wanted to share my:

In no particular order.

No More Registry Editor

No MS DosApple OSX is built on UNIX. As A web developer this is especially handy.

Multiple Desktops
To be fair, Windows 7 and 8 do in-fact support this feature but I found it to be slow and often bug ridden in comparison to the functionality Apple OSX offers. (I have only used Mt. Lion and Mavericks)

Magic Trackpad

The Track Pad I've always wanted to use one. But as a PC user I never felt they were efficient. That was until I made the switch to Apple and experienced the Magic Track Pad. I suppose since Apple manufactures the hardware as well as codes the software, their devices are just more efficient. Their track pad is fast, intuitive and smooth both figuratively and literally. Even the best 3rd party Windows laptop with a track-pad pales in comparison to the responsiveness of the Apple track pad.

Just Say No to Plastic I'm still amazed by the high quality of Apple's products. The unibody aluminum casing of my early 2013 Macbook Pro is not just a machine and workhorse for me but a work of art. I have never seen or held a laptop of this quality. I am also impressed on a daily basis by the visceral clicking experience when typing on an Apple Keyboard, as well as the amazing features and feel of the Magic Mouse; the quality of Apple's products are just made better than those of their competitors.

Windows Machines are built by 3rd party companies. And as such, come loaded with bloatware that a typical user doesn't need or want. Apple products come streamlined with apps you'll actually use and not some awful trial ware that bombards you with pop up offers like those on PCs. Also with the purchase of my Macbook Pro I did not (for the first time ever) have to peel off any 3rd party manufacturing stickers.


The Preview Feature of Finder< As a digital multimedia artist and producer, the preview feature in OSX is one that has made my workflow exponentially more efficient. With the click of the space bar, I can open a preview of any document. See or read its contents and navigate to the next menu item using the arrow keys; all without opening up an app. Windows often will not show contents of a file if it is not a native Microsoft format.

The Operating System A good friend put in words what I could not about what it is that I like about OSX more than Windows7 ( I say Windows 7 because it's the best release of Windows Microsoft has produced). Apple just makes things work the way they should. I find myself no longer fighting with my OS when trying to get something done. I am for the first time, in harmony with my OS.

Apple Tech and Store Support When I had issues with Windows, I had to dig around for 3rd party contact info, I had to mail in my machine or malfunctioning part back for repairs or a replacement. And one time I even had to pay Microsoft 99 dollars for a help desk call when trying to get a video editing program to run. Ugh. With Apple, I can simply walk into a store, And within minutes get an answer to a question, make a one to one service appointment and if the need arises I can get a brand new phone or machine. I'm talking results within minutes not days or even hours. And when your time is money this is very important. I have never experienced tech support like that offered by The Apple Store when it comes to electronics.

Work Flow Wether I'm doing image manipulation in Photoshop, writing CSS in a text editor or editing video in Final Cut Pro (Which I also recently switched too) Everything is just faster, more streamlined and more aesthetically pleasing than it was on my old PC.

Macs may not be the best fit for everyone. But for this multimedia guru, virtual life is just better on a Mac.

Revisions, I love them!

Sean Kennedy

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